first post(:

Hello, my name is Harrison.  I’m in the 5th grade and am 10 years old.  I love math and karate. The style of karate I do is called Mutsubayashi Shorin-Ryu. I’ve been doing karate for almost five years and am currently a 2nd degree brown belt.

Order of belts by color/ranks:

JUNIOR RANKS from age 12 down

white, orange, blue, purple, green


White, yellow, green, 3 degree brown, second degree brown, first degree brown, first degree black, second degree black, third degree black, fourth degree black, 5th degree black, 6th degree black, 7th degree black, 8th degree black, 9th degree black, 10th degree black and  last but not least red

~Age rules are not always followed

Please leave a comment if you want to learn anything specific (:

Thanks for reading, Harrison (but you can call me Harry)


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